Let’s Resolve To Stay Connected

Happy New Year everyone.

New Year’s night my wife went around the dinner table and asked my two son’s and me what our New Year’s Resolutions are. First son—silence, second son—silence, me—silence (ouch).

My wife shared a meaningful resolution and we had nothing. Typical of guys? Probably so.

Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I’m going to throw out a New Year’s challenge. Let’s resolve to help each other stay connected. I’m also going to suggest a fairly easy way to do it—if you run across an article that relates to an interest of a friend, relative, business contact, acquaintance, etc., take a second and email or text it to them. Nine times out of ten there’s a share link at the end of the article. It’s not hard to do, and it shows you value the connection you have with them.

For example, my high school senior is very interested in crypto currencies. The other day I came across an article titled “Understanding the Cryptocurrency Boom”. No brainer.

On the flip side, if someone takes the time and effort to send you something—acknowledge it! Completing the circle by replying with a simple ”thank you” is an important way to recognize and reinforce the connection you have with that person. Don’t leave them, and your connection to them hanging….