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Gentlemen’s Cap Co. encourages guys to BE MORE by offering a distinctive line of caps, hats, t-shirts, and polo shirts for men of all ages.  Our mission is simple–BE MORE by trying your best to follow ten simple but important values (Gentlemen’s Tenets), then show your commitment when you wear our distinctively logoed clothing.

But, there’s a twist….

The twist is that you agree to try to follow the tenets in order to wear our logo (it’s a simple “agree” click to complete the sale). This is a logo we want to mean something–we’re building a recognizable community of guys who aren’t afraid to show values still matter.  You’ll know when you see others wearing Gentlemen’s Cap Co. clothing, they’ve made a pledge to try their best to BE MORE!


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Hey, we get it…we’re guys, we’re not perfect, and we certainly don’t want to be preached at.  All we’re asking is that you try to follow the tenets–and considering recent headlines, we need guys to step up now more than ever.

Our classic gentlemen’s cap is at the heart of our message, but we know guys need variety, so we also offer baseball caps, t-shirts, and polo shirts—with more gear to come. If you like our mission, please spread the word to family and friends.  We’d be thrilled to have you join our growing community of modern gentlemen!

Tenet #1
A Gentleman will be a positive role model and remember someone’s son is watching.
Tenet #2
A Gentleman will respect his mother, wife and other women.
Tenet #3
A Gentleman will show up and do his job.
Tenet #4
A Gentleman will respect other people’s time.
Tenet #5
A Gentleman will be a man of his word and not let people down.
Tenet #6
A Gentleman will stand up for what’s right and will avoid what’s not.
Tenet #7
A Gentleman will have a firm handshake and make eye contact.
Tenet #8
A Gentleman will use his strengths and talents to the best of his abilities, and not be boastful.
Tenet #9
A Gentleman will understand compromise is not a weakness.
Tenet #10
A Gentleman will not curse in public.


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