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We’re building a recognizable community of guys who aren’t afraid to show VALUES STILL MATTER…

Are you comfortable defining yourself as a “gentleman” or is the term too old fashioned and out of place in today’s world dominated by guys vying for attention on television reality shows, on-line profiles and social media? That’s the central question Gentlemen’s Cap Co is asking.

I would argue the term gentleman transcends the generations and is as relevant and necessary now as it has ever been. In fact, embracing yourself as a gentleman will help you stand out at home, at work, on line, and in any situation your life takes you.

I work in the construction industry—and am on job sites everyday interacting with our tradespeople in the field. I’ll never forget one day when a concrete finisher came up to me and simply said—you don’t cuss much do you? I really don’t remember my exact response, but it was something along the lines of –No, I don’t feel the need to.

When I thought about his comment to me, I realized I actually stood out and made an impression simply by not cursing where cursing is common. That was a powerful moment. Believe me, I know (and have used) every curse word in the book, and in the right situations, there may even be a biological NEED to curse, but if you ask me, those situations are few and far between–and rarely come into play on a daily basis.

Please don’t misunderstand. The ten tenets of Gentlemen’s Cap Co are not in place as absolutes, and if you fall short, you’re a failure—and no gentleman. The tenets are simply a guide to help keep these simple, but important values as close to top of mind as possible on a daily basis. If you fall short today, tomorrow (or next hour) is an opportunity to try harder.  One less F-bomb a ten-year-old (or a twenty-year career concrete worker) hears tomorrow is a victory. Can anyone disagree with that?

Building a recognizable community of guys who aren’t afraid to show VALUES STILL MATTER is why Gentlemen’s Cap Co won’t let you buy our caps, hats, shirts, and other logoed accessories unless you pledge to try your best to uphold our Ten Gentlemen’s Tenets. Do you need to wear a logo to prove you’re a gentleman? Absolutely not!  But it’s kind of cool when you run into another guy somewhere in public who is also wearing the GCC logo. He may even be on the opposite side of your political, religious, or social spectrum, but immediately you both know that you share a common bond of ten simple but important values, and that’s a great place to start a conversation.