The Story Behind Gentlemen’s Cap Co.

Hi–I’m Rich.  I’ve been married to my wonderful wife for over twenty-three years.  We have two boys–ages 17 and 20 (who are helping with GCC). I live a pretty ordinary life–and that’s just the way I like it.  I’d say starting Gentlemen’s Cap Co. is the most out of the box thing I’ve ever done.

I grew up during the time the majority of men in this country stopped wearing hats. Think back to photos of men in public from the 1960’s back. If there was a picture of a group of men, most were wearing some kind of cap.

My Dad was never one of those guys who abandoned hats.  Anytime he went out—even if it was just to get the paper, he put on a cap.  As quirky as that was—I admired it and it made what’s proven to be a lasting impression on me.  Dad always told me “a hat keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter” but I never took that advice to heart —until he died, and I started wearing his collection of “gentlemen’s caps” as a way to honor his memory.

My Dad was an ordinary guy too–who raised a great family (with the help of my Mom of course), and provided a wonderful, middle class life for my three sisters and me.  He went to work each day, was a man of his word, loved and treated my Mom with respect, and never met a stranger. Through my Dad’s example, I came to realize that ordinary can be extraordinary–simply by doing the right things and being a positive influence on those around you.  He is the true inspiration for Gentlemen’s Cap Co.

So the idea behind Gentlemen’s Cap Co. is to help guys embrace and emphasize these simple but important values that seem to be slipping away (all we’re asking you to do is try).  I don’t claim that the ten tenets of GCC are the definitive values a man should live by—but I think they’re a good place to begin.  What IS important is if being mindful of these values leads you to do just one thing better today than the day before, the world and those you touch, will be a little better for it.   If you don’t succeed as well as you hoped today—well, tomorrow’s another day.

As our community grows, I’d like this portion of the website to be a hub for thoughts, discussion, and articles on what it means to be a modern gentleman.   If you want to contribute to that discussion, you’re more than welcome to—it can be as easy as emailing an article you find interesting (, or contributing your original thoughts.  This blog, like us, will always be a work in progress.

I can honestly say when I’m wearing something with the GCC logo (it doesn’t have to be a cap), I’m more mindful of these values.  I can also say I mess up one or two of those values on an almost daily basis, but luckily–tomorrow’s another day.  And by the way…caps do keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Thanks for everything Dad.